What happened back in 1998?


In 1998, classified ads didn’t have websites or email addresses. They had phone numbers for contacting people and quite a lot of them asked to be contacted by writing.newspaper






Bi-metallic £2 coins were put into circulation. Although they were legal, these coins had never been commonly used before.2pounds


A drunk masked man was found wandering in Chesterfield Police headquarters. He claimed that he was doing what the SAS do.drunk man small





mobile phone



Mobile Phones were like this: It was as thick as your big toe!




Google was founded. They became the most popular company in the world, and the word ‘Google’ was added to Oxford English dictionary in 2006.Google



And …    

A group of visionaries got together, raised the necessary funds and founded Chesterfield & North East Derbyshire Credit Union. We had fewer than 100 members in 1998. Twenty one years later, in 2019, we have over 5,200 members and still growing.
Thank you, our members and staff, for your continued support. We wouldn’t have come this far without you.

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