Missed Appointment Policy at our Credit Union

Members who fail to attend for loan interviews without letting us know, will have to wait at least one month before another appointment can be made.

We are sorry to have to make this rule, but when you miss an interview it means that someone who urgently needs a 'top up' has to wait for weeks to see us.

This could be you???

Your Children Can Become Smarter by Joining In our Junior Saver Scheme

Over the last 2 years, our Junior Saver Scheme (JSS) has grown significantly both in the amount of saving and the number of schools participating.

If you don’t know what Junior Saver Scheme is, find out here.

So, how does this scheme help your children?

  • Since JSS teaches children to save money systematically, your kids will develop good money handling habit early on. This means they will be more likely to have a financially comfortable life as adults. Since students as young as nursery year can join, this money skill will be embedded right from the start.
  • Since they will have a chance to work alongside responsible adults, they will learn to organise different things outside of school work.
  • They will learn to cooperate with others, thereby increasing their social skills.
  • Learning to be sensible with money will spill over into other areas of their life helping them become more responsible people all round.
  • They can save up for any important personal events in their life such as Christmas, Birthday and even school trips. This means they can buy the things they want themselves rather than having to rely on parents all the time.

We now have 23 schools actively participating in our JSS and more waiting to join. Ours is now the second largest junior saver scheme in the whole country.

Interested? Talk to your school about participating, or come and have a chat with us.

We will not be accepting the old style £1 coin after the 15th October 2017 as they will not be classed as legal tender. If you have any in collection tins or piggy-banks after this date, then you can change them at your bank. Thank you.

Important! Starting from Monday 24th April, there will a charge of £1.50 per cheque cashed at the Post Office

The Co-operative Bank informed us yesterday (18th April) that starting from 19th April, the Post Office will charge us £1.50 for each cheque they process.

Since we are a not-for-profit organisation, as much as we would like to, we cannot subsidise this fee. Therefore, starting from Monday 24th April, whenever you cash a cheque at the Post Office, we will have to deduct £1.50 from your account. That means that if you were to request a cheque of £10, you would receive a cheque for only £8.50.

To avoid this fee, we can offer you two alternatives to collect your money:

  • We can transfer your money straight into your bank account
  • You can sign up for an Engage card which we can then preload with your money

We strongly recommend you choose one of these alternative methods to avoid having to pay to cash a cheque.

What will happen before 24th April?

  • We will pay the charge for cashing the cheque for you until 24th April.
  • If you have multiple cheques waiting to be collected at our office, we will combine them into one bigger cheque and pay the charge for one cheque.

We are sorry about any inconvenience this may cause. But we do not make this rule. We can only inform you of the changes.

Thank you.

Good News! You can now deposit money online

We are pleased to tell you that you can now easily deposit money online. To make the deposit, simply log into your member account and use your debit card. Please note that if you haven’t registered your account on our website, you need to do that first before you do any transaction online.

Volunteers Wanted!

For the Junior Savers Scheme

Volunteers wanted to support Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Credit Union in the delivery of our very successful savings scheme into local schools.

What we need:

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to visit local schools within Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire or to undertake administration duties for the JSS at our office on Soresby Street.

What you’ll do:

The in-school work entails making a weekly visit to one or two schools to deliver or collect necessary stationary and/or make the collection from the children. You would also act as liaison officer between the school and the Credit Union.

The use of a car (expenses paid) would be an advantage, but if there is a participating school near you, it may not be necessary.

What we’ll do:

Full training and ongoing support will be given and all out of pocket expenses paid.

Ask for more information at the desk!

How  to get a low Interest loan of up to £500 using your Child Benefit

If you are receiving child benefit, you might be eligible to apply for a loan of up to £500 on our Family Loans Scheme.

This will be conditional upon child benefit being paid directly from the DWP to the Credit Union. If you wish, you can use the whole of your child benefit to make repayments. However, we have found you usually choose to use only part of your child benefit.

Then you can decide what you want to do with the remaining amount. You have three options: you can leave it in as savings, you can withdraw it weekly/monthly, or you can split it between savings and withdrawal.

Here is an example of how a loan plan might look:
Sarah has two children. She receives £34.40 per week in child benefit.  She wants to borrow £500 from the Credit Union.  After our budgeting interview to ensure that Sarah has sufficient disposable income, this could be her repayment plan:
Total interest charged: £68.31
Weekly loan repayment:  £15.40 (better to use the pence)
Number of weeks to pay:  37
Leftover amount every week: £19

The left over £19 can be returned directly to Sarah every week or put into her savings account at the Credit Union, or split between the two options.
Please note that this is only an example and may not reflect your actual application.

If you are interested in getting a loan from us, please contact us to become a member. However, to qualify, you must be over 18 and either live or work within Derbyshire.

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