Christmas Opening Times and Schedules for 2018

We will be closed from 22nd December 2018 until 1st January 2019. We will be open on 2nd January 2019.

If you want to withdraw your saving near Christmas, the last day you can request is Tuesday the 18th of December 2018. Please request your saving by 4 pm that day to receive it on 20th December 2018.

We are closed on Saturdays

Starting from 24th November 2018, the credit union will no longer be open on Saturdays until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

You Can Still Apply for a Loan Even If You Don’t Receive Any Child Benefit

Even if you don't receive any child benefit, you can still apply for a low interest loan from us. However, if you are a new member, you will need to save with us for a minimum of 8 weeks before you can apply for one.

You Don’t Need to Use All of your Child Benefit for Loan Repayment

As a member, you can apply for a loan using your child benefit as repayment. To do that, you need to ask your benefit office to send the child benefit directly to us.

But, you don’t need to use all of your child benefit to repay your loan. You can put some of it in your credit union saving account. You can also arrange some of it to be put back in your bank. For example, if you receive £34.40 child benefit per week, you can choose to use £10 for loan repayment, £10 to be transferred into your bank and £14.40 for saving.

Two Types of Loan We Offer to our New Members

First of all, please note: To be able to apply for any type of loan from us, you will need to be a member. If you want to join us, please contact us for details.

We have two types of loan available for our new members: Family Loan and Saver Loan.

Family Loan

If you receive child benefit, you can apply for a loan up to £500 under our Family Loan Scheme. The amount you can borrow will depend on assessments by one of our loan officers.

Saver Loan

If you don’t receive any child benefit, you can apply for a Saver Loan. However, this loan may not be available if you have recently joined us. You will need to have saved with us for at least 8 weeks before you can be considered for this type of loan. After that, you may be able to borrow three times your savings depending on our assessments.

Infant and Primary School Students Can Save Money at their Own Schools

Infant and primary school students can save from as little as 50p in our Junior Savers Scheme. If your children are in one of the following participating schools, please encourage them to save.

Arkwright Primary
Barrow Hill
Tupton Primary
Birdholme Sure Start Centre
Whitecotes Primary
Grassmoor Junior
Hady Junior
Woodthorpe Primary School
Sharley Park Primary
Holmgate Primary
Mary Swanick
North Wingfield
Old Whittington Cc
Spire Infants
Speedwell Infants
Temple Normanton Junior
Abercrombie Primary
Whitt Green
Hasland Infant
Spire Juniors
Staveley Junior
Hasland Junior

How will Universal Credit Affect You?

Universal Credit replaces six existing benefits.  It’s for all new claims, is paid monthly and replaces the following:

Income based JSA
Housing Benefit
Working Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit
Income related ESA
Income Support

When you are on Universal Credit you have to pay all your bills, expenses and rent out of your monthly payment, so you need to plan your budget around it.
If you need some help, then Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Credit Union are here to support. We have developed a Universal Credit Budget Account to assure that you can manage this change in your benefits payment.

If you have your Universal Credit paid into your account with us, we will:

  • Pay your priority bills for you each month - i.e. rent and council tax. (Provided the Landlord has signed up to the scheme)
  • Release the remainder of your benefits back to you on a weekly basis, to help you with budgeting
  • Give you peace of mind that your bills are paid and that you can make your money last until the next pay day

How to get a child benefit loan from our Credit Union

If you are receiving child benefit, you may be eligible to apply for a loan from us. To apply for one, you must first become a member. You can do that either through our website or at our office in person.

You will need to pay £5 non-refundable administration fees + £1 minimum deposit to open an account. You’ll also need to provide 3 separate forms of identification, each one for your date of birth, address and signature.

After becoming a member, you can then ask for a loan appointment where one of our loan officers will assess you for eligibility.

If you want to withdraw your savings, please request them by Tuesday 4 pm.

Our weekly deadline for withdrawal request is Tuesday at 4 pm. You will receive your money by Thursday of the same week. However, if you miss the deadline for that week, you will have to wait till next Thursday to receive your money. Thank you.

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